DNS Poisoning attack

http://www.techumour.tk/2017/07/dns-poisoning-attack.htmlDNS Poisoning is a procedure that traps a DNS server into trusting that it has gotten bona fide data when, actually, it has not. It brings about the substitution of false IP address at the DNS level where web addresses are changed over into numeric IP addresses. It enables an aggressor to substitute IP address sections for an objective site on a given DNS server with IP address of the server controls. An aggressor can make fake DNS sections for the server which may contain noxious substance with a similar name.

For example, a client sorts www.google.com, yet the client is sent to another extortion site as opposed to being coordinated to Google's servers. As we comprehend, DNS poisoning is utilized to divert the clients to fake pages which are overseen by the aggressors.

DNS Poisoning − Exercise

We should do an activity on DNS poisoning utilizing a similar device, Ettercap.

DNS Poisoning is very like ARP Poisoning. To start DNS poisoning, you need to begin with ARP poisoning, which we have just talked about in the past part. We will utilize DNS parody module which is as of now there in Ettercap.

Step 1 − Open up the terminal and sort "nano etter.dns". This record contains all sections for DNS tends to which is utilized by Ettercap to determine the space name addresses. In this record, we will include a fake section of "Facebook". On the off chance that somebody needs to open Facebook, he will be diverted to another site.


Step 2 − Now embed the passages under the words "Divert it to www.linux.org". See the accompanying illustration −


Step 3 − Now spare this document and exit by sparing the record. Utilize "ctrl+x" to spare the record.

Step 4 − After this, the entire procedure is same to begin ARP poisoning. In the wake of beginning ARP poisoning, tap on "modules" in the menu bar and select "dns_spoof" module.


Step 5 − Subsequent to activating the DNS_spoof, you will find in the outcomes that facebook.com will begin mock to Google IP at whatever point somebody writes it in his program.


It implies the client gets the Google page rather than facebook.com on their program.

In this activity, we perceived how arrange movement can be sniffed through various apparatuses and techniques. Here an organization needs a moral programmer to give arrange security to stop every one of these assaults. We should perceive what a moral programmer can do to forestall DNS Poisoning.

Guards against DNS Poisoning

As a moral programmer, your work could likely set you in a place of counteractive action as opposed to pen testing. What you know as an aggressor can enable you to keep the very methods you utilize all things considered.

Here are guards against the assaults we simply secured from a pen analyzer's viewpoint −

Utilize an equipment exchanged system for the most delicate bits of your system with an end goal to detach activity to a solitary section or impact area.

Execute IP DHCP Snooping on changes to forestall ARP poisoning and ridiculing assaults.

Actualize arrangements to avert wanton mode on organize connectors.

Be watchful while conveying remote get to focuses, realizing that all movement on the remote system is liable to sniffing.

Encode your touchy activity utilizing a scrambling convention, for example, SSH or IPsec.

Port security is utilized by switches that can be customized to permit just particular Macintosh delivers to send and get information on each port.

IPv6 has security advantages and alternatives that IPv4 does not have.

Supplanting conventions, for example, FTP and Telnet with SSH is a successful guard against sniffing. In the event that SSH is not a suitable arrangement, consider securing more seasoned heritage conventions with IPsec.

Virtual Private Systems (VPNs) can give a powerful resistance against sniffing because of their encryption viewpoint.

SSL is an incredible barrier alongside IPsec.


In this section, we examined how aggressors can catch and break down all the movement by putting a parcel sniffer in a system. With a constant case, we perceived that it is so natural to get the qualifications of a casualty from a given system. Assailants utilize Macintosh assaults, ARP and DNS poisoning assaults to sniff the system movement and get hold of touchy data, for example, email discussions and passwords.
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