Example Explaining the working of Jquery:

Example Explaining the working of Jquery:

JQuery is, as we explained is a very easy client side script used on web application, it is basically a best use of JAVASCRIPT (X)HTML and the CSS, with a suitably use of these the result produces will be more effective expressive and dynamic as compare to normal JavaScript .

The jquery is simply produces the base result of as like JavaScript but of better looks and visibility.

Let’s take an example:

http://www.techumour.tk/2017/07/example-explaining-working-of-jquery.htmlTo filling a simple form (As a registration form, login form or etc.) use of JavaScript in many fields are ment be necessary, JavaScript gives with an alert with a window base pattern, when a users fills a wrong entry, the window will appears with an alert message, when we cut (X) or close the window, it disappears, normally JavaScript is having a same way to a client side validation but it’s a very old fashioned and do not looks good for all application, it seems to be a old fashioned warinig concept, but while on useing jquery(/Ajax) it will applies the filter with a different pattern of alert messages, which give a fresh look to your web site, there are many types of way to display the alert in the JQuery which makes jquery more impressive, powerful and strong and which increases page’s beauty more.

Like the alert comes below each field as a statement (with proper using of css and use of image. Comes a different type of window with increasing slowly and on close, it close with different style.

There are many more examples, some of them are explain here, but before that you can understand the basic thinks of the jquery, We can teach you each an every thing with explanation, and at the last give you the whole example of jquery with the explanation, demonstration and code, in other section, so that you can learn and apply that in your script
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