Features & Facts of JQuery

Features & Facts of JQuery:

With its great features query can be used in JSP, SERVLET, ASP, PHP, CGI and almost all the web programming languages.
Here we short out the list of the features of JQuery.
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DOM element selections functions using the cross browser open source selector engine.

Effects and animations 

DOM traversal and modification


JavaScript Plugins

CSS manipulation


Utilities - such as browser version and the each function.

The $ function• One of the critical concepts in any jQuery code is the so called ‘$’ function. ‘$’ is actually an ‘alias’ for the ‘jQuery’ namespace.
Facts about JQuery:
The size of the jquery is about 19 kb in size.

• It supports CSS 1-3 and also the basic XPath.

We can use the prototype and jquery together, without any problem.

JQuery owns a strong and very flexible mechanism for adding in methods and functionality, bunduled as plugging.

It supports in Firefox 1.0+, IE5.5 and Safari 1.3 and Opera 8.5.
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