Types of Hacker

Programmers can be grouped into various classes, for example, white cap, dark cap, and dim cap, in view of their aim of hacking a framework. These distinctive terms originate from old Spaghetti Westerns, where the terrible person wears a dark cattle rustler cap and the great person wears a white cap.

White Hat Hackers 

White Hat programmers are otherwise called Ethical Hackers. They never goal to hurt a framework, rather they attempt to discover shortcomings in a PC or a system framework as a piece of infiltration testing and defenselessness evaluations.

Moral hacking is not illicit and it is one of the requesting occupations accessible in the IT business. There are various organizations that contract moral programmers for infiltration testing and helplessness appraisals.

http://www.techumour.tk/2017/07/types-of-hacker.htmlDark Hat Hackers 

Dark Hat programmers, otherwise called saltines, are the individuals who hack with a specific end goal to increase unapproved access to a framework and damage its operations or take touchy data.

Dark Hat hacking is constantly unlawful as a result of its terrible purpose which incorporates taking corporate information, abusing security, harming the framework, blocking system correspondence, and so forth.

Grey Hat Hackers 

Grey cap programmers are a mix of both dark cap and white cap programmers. They act without vindictive purpose yet for their fun, they misuse a security shortcoming in a PC framework or system without the proprietor's consent or learning.

Their aim is to convey the shortcoming to the consideration of the proprietors and getting thankfulness or a little abundance from the proprietors.

Different Hackers 

Aside from the above surely understood classes of programmers, we have the accompanying classifications of programmers in view of what they hack and how they do it −

Red Hat Hackers 

Red cap programmers are again a mix of both dark cap and white cap programmers. They are more often than not on the level of hacking government organizations, top-mystery data center points, and for the most part anything that falls under the classification of touchy data.

Blue Hat Hackers 

A blue cap programmer is somebody outside PC security counseling firms who is utilized to bug-test a framework preceding its dispatch. They search for escape clauses that can be misused and attempt to close these crevices. Microsoft additionally utilizes the term BlueHat to speak to a progression of security instructions occasions.

World class Hackers 

This is a societal position among programmers, which is utilized to portray the most gifted. Newfound endeavors will flow among these programmers.

Content Kiddie 

A content kiddie is a non-master who breaks into PC frameworks by utilizing pre-bundled computerized instruments composed by others, as a rule with small comprehension of the fundamental idea, henceforth the term Kiddie.


A beginner, "n00b", or "amateur" or "Green Hat Hacker" is somebody who is new to hacking or phreaking and has no learning or experience of the workings of innovation and hacking.


A hacktivist is a programmer who uses innovation to declare a social, ideological, religious, or political message. When all is said in done, most hacktivism includes site mutilation or denialof-benefit assaults.
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